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Sunday, October 24, 2004

aLrighty, so at this moment i am blazed out of my mind. i am sitting at my house finally feeling the happiest i have felt in a very very long time. this is probably at the moment the highest moment in my life. see i have had a lot of weed which i guess after two months of being high like twice a day i guess i was feeling like i wanted to be really high. but my friend erica, who happened to have an eigth of shrooms that she didnt want anymore so she said i could have them. so not only have i smoked like 7 or 8 bowls of insane weed i have also eaten an eigth of shrooms. i ma very high nad off my rocker so i am sorry in advance for all of my misspeelings and complete ramling episodes. see all of a sudden my life has been like three times better.i have sent in my applications to the two schools i wanted and am almost garunteed entry. sorry i walked away from my comp and almost got lost. but i found my way back. i think i need to go smoke more weed since its really early and im need to get more blazed. so i am going to try and talk in this more to everyone reading this though they are far and in between. if isaid that right im not sure. so later for now.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

If you are at peak happiness why continue to live? (and yes you will know when that is.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

alright i know i havent posted anything in a while so i figured this would help get me going again. for my class i had to write somewhat of a philosophy paper. it was to look like a journal so that explains why there is no intro or conclusion. For you to understand what i am refering to i will give you the questions that i had to write on.
1st ¶ - The roles of emotion and reason in your like and in realtion to other.
2nd ¶ - Your thoughts about change, especially as you are undergoing so many changes at this stage of your life.
3rd ¶ - How you deal with other people now or would like to in the future
and the last ones i could write on whatever i wanted to.
so here it is enjoy.

¶Emotion is an interesting subject when it comes to comparing to human interactions, because not all humans act in their own way and, in fact, act in opposite manners sometimes. Emotion is entirely based on a way a person looks not only at the subject at hand that they’re dealing with, but with their views on life whether or not they are conscious it. For instance, if someone doesn’t feel it’s wrong to kill people, then they won’t feel remorse or pity for those that they are killing, but most people would consider it a very terrible and horrific thing for a person to take someone else’s life for any reason at all. But what I always find interesting, is that the people that have a friend or family member that lose there lives due to murder, a lot of times feel they can justify it with taking a life themselves and going against what they thought they were fighting for. The emotion grief can change a person’s way of looking at life. Now, instead of thinking that murder is a bad thing, they think that only murder of people they feel shouldn’t be murdered, or as we see it innocent people, is a bad thing. This example shows that emotion changes views on life, instead of always giving us the reason for believing in something.
¶Back when Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were around they were looking for a constant, within all the change that they felt they were dealing with. Some people think that the change they are feeling is the earth going around the sun, and in a long term, is a constant; or others, also might have religious feelings about how some things change or remain constant. Well, as I see change itself, it is a constant. If something is changing all the time, then change itself becomes a constant. For example, a guy changes his shirt everyday. He seems to randomly be choosing out a different shirt to wear. If instead of seeing the guy changing his shirt, you can notice the act, of changing the shirt, that then it becomes a constant. If knowing this then Socrates and Plato could have welcomed the change as an everyday thing.
¶Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Great quote? Maybe, back when it was coined, but in this day and age, it is just begging for trouble. In today’s socially diverse lifestyle, people take advantage of other people on a regular bases, so that one might not receive the kindness they showed towards someone else. Most people would blame this on how the world has turned to a horrible place compared to back then. I take all blame off of that and completely change it back to the nice people who started it. When people started to realize that they could get ahead in life then that is where we started to change. In the old days, people were born into life and were told that’s who they always would be. People accepted this and went on living happy and prosperous lives. They could be happy to one another only hoping for kindness back. Then it started to change where people from a lower social group could work there way up into a higher one. Thus improving their life styles. So people stopped living to be happy with simple lives and started trying to get ahead by any means necessary. So happiness then became a weakness in which could be used against them. If you are nice to someone, then they might use your niceness, to say get you to help them with something, then leave you behind. But whenever we talk about niceness we have to bring up meanness because where there’s one there is always the other. If your mean to someone they might not be mean back but just not help you along your way. So at this point there is no winning. So what people are now trying to do is go back to the all around niceness, but it doesn’t look like we can have both, when we have the economy and social status the way we do.
¶Now this next subject I don’t have a firm opinion one-way or the other. Beliefs are always an amusing thing to discuss at the end of a good philosophy discussion. What I have been trying to come up with is, where did our beliefs come from and why are they what they are? And from what I can compile so far, I see that most of them pertain to fear. That is, if we decide that we choose our beliefs consciously, or if our instincts take over and our beliefs are chosen for us subconsciously. When we look at a lot of the laws that we have made for our countries and look at many of the morals that the world takes on as a whole, I have noticed that we are scared of many things. The human being has a natural instinct to not like something that we fear. But I see a solution for this. If instead of automatically hating it and shunning it away, but we nourish and accept it, then we might not be so scared of it. Death is what really comes to mind at this point. Many people are scared of death because of they don’t know what is to become of them. And they shun this and think that death is a bad thing. Death is inevitable and we will have to face it sometime or another, and the more we put it off the more scared of it we become. What if instead we cherished this inevitability and made it a good thing? We make many laws protecting our lives and our “well being” because we don’t want the inevitable to come. So we start this belief structure on always constantly trying to stay alive and to keep everyone else alive. But if we were to understand that life is going to end instead of always trying to stay alive then people would view life in a very different way. And I believe that people would cherish their lives more. In turn, this might create a more abundance of understanding of what life really has to offer.
¶Now that’s saying that we choose in what we believe. If you looked at it as you having this brain that chooses things like this for you then these belief structures aren’t your own but of human instinct. You gather the information but you don’t choose the way put the information together. There are some variations that come to with the way you might put things together but that’s with a higher understanding of the information. I see people individually as a god, because each person has the choice to make someone else happy or sad. And you also have the ability to make your self feel the same way. You do have the ability to affect the way other people’s life works or if it even works at all. You could decide that maybe you don’t want someone to live. Many people in the past have decided that and they have taken action for it. You have the power of determining the life and death of another living thing. Now, the way I see it, it is a huge responsibility. And to decide how we use these responsibilities lies in your own belief structure. Now this amount of responsibility doesn’t seem like something that each human being could decide on there own. And this is where I am torn. Do we have the ability to decide these things on our own, or do we resort to human instinct to decide them for us?

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Alright i am going to keep this short. I just whatched my new favorite movie. well its not really a movie its a documentery.(cant spell) anyways its called bowling for columbine by micheal moore. its about gun control and shooting in schools. now your all wondering why the hell does taht matter but if you do (and i highly suggest it) then youll understand. Thats all and go watch it. Im not going to give a reason other then its very good.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Ahh revenge. such a great thing.is revenge neccasary. of course.w as there really a doubt in anyones mind that revenge was neccasary. if you didnt have revenge you would just be walked upon. you have to stand up and tell poeple your not going to take it. if someone does soemthing to you why not. plus this will give you somehting to do. or if your lazy a rumor to think up of.think of it, if we didnt have revenge hitler would be ruling this world. and i will leave with that for now.
alright tonight i wish to talk about somehting some else wrote in there blog. my good friend suzy has a blog at http://www.sushiette.blogspot.com/. so go there and check it out before (its late adn i forgot how to spell that word)(and i am to lazy to go to dictionary.com) you read this. she was talking about gossip in her little rant she likes to call it. now this was a very good little rant in my eyes. i liked it and agree with it but what the problem is she/you(if your reading this suz) you think that the human race is to smart and outgoing. why go out of your way to think up somehting when all you have to do is say this short little sentance to someone. and why even spend the time to think up something else when you know its going to piss that person off. i say all you need to do is the bare minumum and then go spend your time doing something more enjoyable. why waste fun time by perfecting everything when you will get the same amount of lets say praise for a lower amount of work. do the bare minumum and you will have more time to go and waste. i was just thinking about the lazyness of humans. i am a very lazy person, i am not goign to deny, not at all it is true and i accept that. but i figure why not. why do so much work that i dont like when i can not be doing that work. and thinking of this it brings me to sleep. why it brings me to this i dont know but it does. anyways. i sleep a lot, and by a lot i mean 12 13 hours a day. i have been told many times that i am just wasting my time. but why the hell not. i enjoy sleeping a lot more then i enjoy being awake. mainly casue i have nothing to do when i am awake and when i do i usally get up cause iwould rather do that then sleep. so screw all you people who think that sleeping is wasting my life. i rather enjoy sleeping and i am very good at it. if you ahve nothing better to do then telling me to sleep less then go to sleep and enjoy your restfull night. good night.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

hey im back for another amusing round of writing in my blog. i know you guys just enjoy reading this. why i dont know but you do. or you dont and you just want to make fun of me for it. whatever floats your boat i guess. anyways i was thinking really hard on this next subject. i have actually been thinking of this one for a while and its not just one of those random thoughts. alright now this subject is about beliefs. Now what i have been thinking about is how we come upon our beliefs. I was thinking how do we decide what we believe in. do you physically decide it or is it a subconscious type thing. where its just put upon you in the back of your mind and you might tell everyone and actually try to believe something else but deep down inside you its you believe just the oppisite. for example:believing in god. Is it that we think for ourselves about it or does the information that has been fed to us our entire lives get put together by our mind and become our belife, or do we think for ourselfs. now i suck at explaining this i can barely understand what i am saying but its kinda like a faith thing, of choosing. do we choose our beliefs or does our mind sort our information and make up the choice for us. what i am getting at is does our mind work on the same level as us or at a diffrent one seperate then us. now right now your thinking that i should be put on some special medication becasue this is just stupid, and i would agree except if you were thinking of this in a VERY OPEN and i mean very open mind then maybe youll see what i am trying to get at. so point out my flaws and ill write agian.

Friday, August 15, 2003

problem sorry its late what can i say. tht and i suck at spelling.
i just realized how easy it is to be me. there is not a whoel lot of probablems in my life. i dont worry about anything at all. my biggest probablem is wakingup in the morning.i really have nothing to get up for. if i didnt get up i really wouldnt miss anything. And i was jsut kinda wondering why that is. why odnt i have any probablem s i nmy life. and i was thinking maybe its cause i just accept everything. i dont really have to many probalems with antyhing or anybody that makes my life difficult in anyway. now a lot of you would say that im moving to a new town and that is a hard thing starting a new school being a junior. but i know its not going to be hard. i will jsut be me and it will all work. i have noticed that. everything just works. why is that? why isnt there anything wrong in my life? it all jsut works. i find this disturbing. my life right now contains getting up, playing xbox, getting on the comp and playing free cell, writing in my blog, and going to sleep. i dont even eat a whole lot anymore. my littlest sister eats more then me. my life just moves on day by dya with out anything interesting happening in it. i have tried to go and look for people in this twon right now. i ahve been out but its just a waste of gas.i think thats the reason i like death so much. cause i wont be missing a whole llot when i do die. im jsut going to dissappear like everyone else. just poof gone. NOTHING!
Alright. We must get a few things clear. i have had some comments about my blog. i like this. i like that fact that people will comment on it. good or bad doesnt matter to me. i havent written in a while because i have had a little writers block and wasnt reallly feeling up to the task. but i hace gotten some critism from one of my friends which was very informing. i am not always right. in fact i am mostly wrong. and i accepted that a long time ago. but i want you all to realize that. i will probably be wrong on most of the things i say in here and what i say in life in general. but i DO like the fact of people telling me where i am wrong. if you prove me wrong more power to you. now i also wanted to say something about the content. i do not apologize for what i say. if you find what i say appalling in any manner, i dont care. dont read it for all i care. i write this for me and its going to say whati want it to say not what you want it to. if you dont like it, tough luck. well now that we got that out of the way i guess ill start thinkig of somehting to write.

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